Joymii – Chrissy Fox – Blindfold Massage Video

Model: Chrissy Fox
Male Performer: Lutro
Released Date: December 31, 2015
Size: 961 MB
Quality: MPEG-4, 1080p, 00:21:55
Description: Thankfully, Chrissy has a few options to play in our house. The first was to pleasure herself, which she enjoyed very much. The other is to have someone else help her reduce her stress. It’s one thing to please oneself, but it’s another to let someone else do it. And when they do it right, it’s really something. In this case Chrissy has Lutro and she couldn’t be happier about it… and neither could he. 🙂 With a body like Chrissy’s there’s no downside to this session. Chrissy likes to go just as slow with someone as she does with herself. At some point, however, it’s time to take off the mask and turn up the heat a bit, or a lot… and that’s just what she does. Come on in and see for yourself what happens next during this blindfold massage… enjoy! 🙂
title:Joymii – Chrissy Fox – Blindfold Massage Video